Sunday, October 31, 2010

Generation Hookah Banner contest entries

Thursday, October 28, 2010

ransformer's Hailstorm Decepticon smoking Hookah!!! (w/ rocket launchers)

this is my contest entry for a costume hookah contest.. Transformer's Hailstorm Decepticon smoking Hookah!!! (w/ rocket launchers)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tron themed stainless steel hookah for n contest

this my final version of my stainless steel hookah.... as you can see this one is different than my last stainless steel hookah because all the components including the charcoal and bowl are all internal...

in my other design i couldnt find a tin canister big enought that fitted my bowl .. until i finally found one that fitted and it happen to be a cookie tin lol

i added the LED base and a new light color.. now the base is blue.. and i tend to think that this hookah looks like something straight out of the movie.. something the TRON people be smoking out of

Here is the list of materials

the stainless steel canister was 7 dollars.. the tin container was 1 dollar.. but it came with cookies(BIG LOTS)

the stem was free laying around the house.. probably 2 dollars for a copper one.. which prob give u like 3 stems (make another hookah.. lok at other videos)

10ft hose $2.75 cut it in half you got two hoses.. maybe for a jack daniels hookah?

pvc pipe.. 2 or 3 dollars.. cut in 2 or 3.. you have 2 or 3 handles..

end caps like 50 cents

quick connect kit 10$ (home Depot)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

graphic for the blog header.. sexy hookah

The making of my R2D2 Hookah

Pickle Jar
Orange juice squeezer .. or some kinda round thing to mold your top
see perfect fit
sculpey the one that hardens in the oven
Cover the bottle with a tin layer of sculpey
roll it on its side on a solid surface.. to make it smooth make sure is clean or it will stick to the sculpey... dont forget the bottom of the bottle
use top as a round template.. make sure you peel it off.. plastic and ovens dont mix!!
Drill a hole on the top.. if you want to get fancy you could add a purge.. but for the contest it needs to be all homemade.. i might add a purge after the contest
this is what it looks like peeled off..
now make a hole on the sculpey and unite both the top and the lid..

here is where it get tricky... the sculpey is too soft to add detail and attach legs at this point.. it started to get messy .. so i decided to put this in the oven to harden the sculpey.. make it easier to add details and legs when is harden
oven.. make sure the sculpey is not touching the metal.. i have found that sculpey tends to get toasty and brown when it touched the metal tray.. NO BUENO... so let the glass and the copper do the touching of the tray
see.. almost there
now legs.. you can make the legs entirely of sculpey.. but then they are flimsy and will probably break if you bake it by themself n u will waste sculpey.. that stuff aint cheap.. ok it is.. but you could buy couple of shisha boxes instead.. solution? add a wood legs and cover them with sculpey.. y i used some scrap wood and kinda shaped them in the shape of the legs
i drilled some holes in the bakes sculpey.. added like 6 holes all along where the leg would be... you need some kinda way to make the legs attach to the already baked base.. this gives it something to hold on to..
see leg 1.. now repeat.. also make a triangular shape for the bottom leg and attached it to the bottom of the bottle.. if you look at my pictures.. the legs are kinda tilted.. and so are the feet.. i did it to give it the look that is moving forward.. R2D2 doesnt tend to stand up straight up.. just make sure you dont over do it or your coal won't stay..

back to the oven

Now here is when it gets tricky.. to add detail you can directly paint on the model as it is.. however, being that i really wan't to win the contest.. i went back and actually carved in the groves and details to make it more realistic.. you can do this with a pointy sharp object.. sculpey is very easly carved.. careful.. you dont want to fuck up ur new hookah!!

good luck and dont forget to check out my youtube account.. got some crazy shit there

One more thing.. i drilled a 3/hole on the metal cap.. and on the sculpey top.. and plugged my 3/8 hose in it.. i found that making the hole while the sculpey is hard a lot easier than when it's fresh.. because like i said plastic doesn't like ovens and hoses are made of plastic

Jack Daniel's Homemade hookah with LED light

his is the corrected video version for the and contest.. i should fit all the guidelines in this video.. this is entry #1 of my 3 hookah entries... i really want to win.. so im saving the best for last.. hopefully i have time to upload all 3 final videos

still editing the video... thanks for this contest

As you can see i went all out on my hand made hose and handles.. they are made with PVC pipe and have a quick connect mechanism to allow multiple handles..

I covered the handle with yarn and added accents with a thing red and blue ribbon.. used some Captain M. wristband.. to stay in the whole alcoholic theme..

I made glass base using a 1.75 whiskey bottle (biggest one i could find) keep the label to give it some character.. took out the back sticker so you can see the bubble action made from the pen cap diffuser..

The stem is made out of a copper pipe and covered with electrical tape to give it a clean black look... the ash tray.. a must have i think.. is made from a a stainless steel soap dish..

The hose is black to match the hookah.. and it happens to be cheaper than clear hose.. around 2.60 for the length of two hoses

You can also see previews for my other two entries.. one of them an R2D2 hookah.. and one an Stainless steel hookah.. both are still under editing.. they will be up soon

Super Chilled Smirnoff Hookah with homemade ice chamber

This is my Smirnoff home made hookah with a homemade ice chamber.. using a JM shisha tin.. it was meant for my Jack Daniels hookah.. but while drilling a hole in the bottle it broke.. using my LED light base.. and my quick connect hose system with hand made interchangeable handles

I didnt go too much in depth with my handles or much of the quick connect system.. i already talked about it in other videos. check them out including my R2D2 hookah with a lightsaber handle

Evil Tron Hookah