Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jack Daniel's Homemade hookah with LED light

his is the corrected video version for the hookahpro.com and Hookah-shisha.com contest.. i should fit all the guidelines in this video.. this is entry #1 of my 3 hookah entries... i really want to win.. so im saving the best for last.. hopefully i have time to upload all 3 final videos

still editing the video... thanks HookahPro.com for this contest

As you can see i went all out on my hand made hose and handles.. they are made with PVC pipe and have a quick connect mechanism to allow multiple handles..

I covered the handle with yarn and added accents with a thing red and blue ribbon.. used some Captain M. wristband.. to stay in the whole alcoholic theme..

I made glass base using a 1.75 whiskey bottle (biggest one i could find) keep the label to give it some character.. took out the back sticker so you can see the bubble action made from the pen cap diffuser..

The stem is made out of a copper pipe and covered with electrical tape to give it a clean black look... the ash tray.. a must have i think.. is made from a a stainless steel soap dish..

The hose is black to match the hookah.. and it happens to be cheaper than clear hose.. around 2.60 for the length of two hoses

You can also see previews for my other two entries.. one of them an R2D2 hookah.. and one an Stainless steel hookah.. both are still under editing.. they will be up soon

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