Friday, October 22, 2010

Tron themed stainless steel hookah for n contest

this my final version of my stainless steel hookah.... as you can see this one is different than my last stainless steel hookah because all the components including the charcoal and bowl are all internal...

in my other design i couldnt find a tin canister big enought that fitted my bowl .. until i finally found one that fitted and it happen to be a cookie tin lol

i added the LED base and a new light color.. now the base is blue.. and i tend to think that this hookah looks like something straight out of the movie.. something the TRON people be smoking out of

Here is the list of materials

the stainless steel canister was 7 dollars.. the tin container was 1 dollar.. but it came with cookies(BIG LOTS)

the stem was free laying around the house.. probably 2 dollars for a copper one.. which prob give u like 3 stems (make another hookah.. lok at other videos)

10ft hose $2.75 cut it in half you got two hoses.. maybe for a jack daniels hookah?

pvc pipe.. 2 or 3 dollars.. cut in 2 or 3.. you have 2 or 3 handles..

end caps like 50 cents

quick connect kit 10$ (home Depot)

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